Publication Grants

A Grant to Fund the Publishing of an Art-Related Text

Call for Submissions


October 4th, 2019, 11:59PM


Publication Grants fund the production of —

  • Artists’ books
  • Exhibition catalogs
  • Diaries and journals
  • Essays and research texts
  • Zines and comics
  • And much more!

As an alternative arts library, the Fine Arts Reading Room is interested in supporting the development of independent publications and book objects. We are open to all of your amazing unconventional suggestions, to be published in any language (if applicable)!


Grant recipients are required to —

  • Carry out an evolving, publication-based project over a 6-month-long period
  • Produce a final, physical version of the proposed project
  • Leave a copy of the finished book in our archives
  • Grant recipients will benefit from:
  • Up to $250 of compensation for production costs*
  • Access to FARR resources, including zines, artists’ books, periodicals, computers, camera, audio players, headphones, computers, and software.
  • FARR staff research, support and collaboration
  • Exposure within the FARR & online
  • The opportunity to present work to the public at a publication launch event hosted by the FARR

*The FARR will award publication grants of up to $250. This means that the FARR may fund projects less than requested in response to the great variation in production costs. However, all applicants are welcomed to apply for the $250.


Strong applications will —

  • Present a project that is feasible given the available $$$, space, and timeline
  • Present a project that develops over the course of 6 months
  • Communicate the artist’s interests and intentions clearly
  • Demonstrate unique and creative approaches to publishing and bookmaking

How to Apply

*We accept applications in both French and English.

1. Project description — 1 page maximum

2. Artist statement — 1 page maximum

3. Any or all of the following —

  • 5 images or any multimedia materials each no longer than 10 minutes OR
  • Writing samples of no longer than 10 pages in total
    *Recordings and video explanations of project details and timelines are also accepted, please tell us about your project in the way that you feel most comfortable.

4. Project Budget**

**When making your application, we recommend estimating the production of 15-30 copies of a book. Please detail your printing costs per unit in your budget, and detail separately any other baseline costs such as art supplies. The FARR acknowledges that some applicants will create projects which do not follow this cost-per-copy model (e.g. the production of a few hand-made artist books). We welcome applications for these projects, and simply ask for a detailed budget of up to $250.


Example Budget:

Estimated printing costs per unit: $11 (x 20 = $220)
Cost of inks: $10
Cost of rice paper: $8
TOTAL: $238